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If our universe was created by God, then it was created with a spiritual "design". If we violate "design" we will suffer loss. If we understand "design", we can live in harmony with "design" and realize the power thereof. "Design harmony"...that is the ultimate goal!

Welcome! Let me tell you about this site…

This site is a Spiritual Training Ground. I watched a movie once in which a young lady was thrown into very difficult circumstances that she needed to fight her way out of. She was in captivity, but her captors could be defeated if she was strong enough, skilled enough, and brave enough.

As the movie progressed there was no doubting her bravery, however, it also became evident that her fighting “skills” were sorely lacking. I watched this young woman struggle hard to escape her prison to no avail. In the end, she was defeated, several friends died, and she gave up. The sad thing was that this girl had such ‘fighting spirit’! Only to be defeated by a lack of ‘fighting skills’.

She had such ‘fighting spirit’!

 But ‘fighting spirit” alone is not enough.

 In order to develop ‘fighting skills’ one must first choose a ‘fighting style’, and I have one to offer. I see people every day with great  ‘fighting spirit’. They try hard and have great desire, but it is like they are punching the wind. If our fighting style is not working, maybe it is because we don’t understand how things work? Design is everything! How you throw a punch is more important than throwing the punch. This is true both in the physical world, and the spiritual.

There is a warrior in each of us, but what kind of warrior do you “choose”?

I have a ‘fighting style’ to offer. I only offer one. It is a ‘spiritual’ fighting style because that is how God designed things. I have sought to learn it, to grow and improve for many years now. Too many years, actually. I ask God’s forgiveness for being slow, distracted, and young. But I never gave up. And because I never gave up, I finally found, and I finally learned, and now I can share if anyone is interested. I am also no longer young.

I do not ask you to take my word for this. You are invited to enter the training and test the teachings.

The following order of readings is like a staircase leading to higher places. You cannot have “faith” without “knowledge”. You cannot place faith in what you are not even aware of. There is a spiritual “design” to everything God created. If we violate design, we violate our soul and do not even know why the hollowness, the rush, the stress, the row row row your boat stressfully down the stream.

“Design Harmony” is what we seek, and what we need.

“Design Harmony” is powerful.

This is the kind of warrior I teach.

So if you’re interested, let the training begin!


Each reading will have a number. I recommend using a notepad and write all the numbers down,

then simply check them off as they are read and understood.


Simply follow these 4 easy steps.

1.) Locate ‘Lesson’ by “Date” and “Title”.

The titles are listed below and should be done “in order”.

2.) Click on the “Past Teachings” Selector in the ‘right side bar’.

3.) Choose proper Month, and “click”!

4.) Choose proper Title, and “click”! 

It’s that easy!


First lets give you a look at what “Supernatural Christianity” might look like.

1.) Date = Feb. 28, 2012

Title = “Make the devil “wish” he never ‘touched’ you…”


2.) What if you fail?

Date = March 19, 2012

Title = “Sacred Mountains, Sacred Valleys”


3.) Now let serious training begin!

Date = March 25, 2012

Title = “The Golden Key”


4.) Date = March 26, 2012

Title = “Drinking of Christ”


5.) Date = April 1, 2012

Title = “Sword Dance 1”


6.) Date = April 16, 2012

Title = “Sword Dance 2”


7.) Date = April 24, 2012

Title = “Sword Dance 3”


8.) Date = May 14, 2012

Title = “Sword Dance 4”


9.) Date = May 28, 2012

Title = “Wind and Fire!”

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